In A World…where one voiceover actor sees another voiceover actor do what she does…in a movie.

Voiceover Actor

Joe Cipriano voiceover actor In A World
Voiceover actor Joe Cipriano In A World
In A World…where one woman sees another woman do what she does…in a movie.
I went to see the #voiceover movie #In A World last weekend.  I loved it!!! How could I not love it? Lots of great cameos too! I was a laughing crying mess at moments. To sit there and watch a movie about what I do was actually a bit overwhelming at times. That “In A World” hit so many quirks of my industry spot on IMHO… was awesome! The added bonus is that this movie has clarified and glamorized what I do to my family and friends? Priceless!. Plus I scored THREE posters for the movie.  Lake Bell is an awesome voiceover actor, too! Rock On, @lakebell! In a World is just the beginning!

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