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actingMy opinion is yes! Voiceover work does make you a voice actor.
When I first began working in voiceover a couple of years ago, I had what my voiceover colleagues defined as a perfect “VO voice” you know the one. The one that goes “the white zone is for loading only…” The one devoid of any range and with little inflection. My ability to hit that perfect bland tone was, well, perfect! I found that some of my clients sought that, which was fortunate because it was all I could do at the time! I was “reading” the scripts. Not “acting” the scripts. Two very different concepts. one is boring and flat and the other is well, being a voice actor
It wasn’t till almost a year of bumbling through and finding my own way that I had the balls to reach out and put my voice under the knife of other VO professionals. That was the most difficult thing I ever did. Downright scary in fact! We voiceover folks may never shut up while we are in the cocoons of our booths, but expose our talent to other peers? in a critique type setting? ugh! Nerve wracking! It took a several weeks of attending the VAU Mic Check With Michael Montes before I began to feel safe enough to let go and then finally to break free of it. the amazing thing was that I actually began to relax and have FUN! It became something I looked forward to. The fun AND the opportunity to be critiqued, go figure?
My message here is that whatever branding word you choose to put after the word Voiceover , be it voice actor, artist, or supercalifragalistic guru, it is important to remember that you have to get outside of yourself and your self perception. Put your ego down and pick up humility. Don’t be afraid to put your talent in the spotlight! Don’t be afraid to take direction from colleages, they are in the best position to guide you at the beginning because they have been there done that. It’s scary to expose yourself to critique,I do get that, but I promise you that it will be the BEST thing you ever do in the beginning for your career and it will contribute to the honing of your craft and to success at any point.
Remember this  this too: Every week you have 168 hours to be amazing!
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