Show Must Go On! Ants Or Not – Blog Post

Show Must Go On!

Today is a working Sunday and all day I’ve done just that. Scout ants keep crawling on me. It’s creeping me out a bit. I LOVE bugs, Don’t get me wrong, but, in THEIR natural habitat…NOT mine! I know there’s more than the one because *confession* I keep squishing them each time. When I find where the little buggers are REALLY rallying, It’s payback time! But um, yes. Sorry for getting carried away from my thought for this post. And that is… We voiceover artists are a dedicated bunch. We keep up our end of the bargain. ¬†When deadlines loom, we don’t let the client down. Whether it’s ants or equipment issues, we get it sorted and keep on keeping on, just… like… the… ants. And if any of you have the song “High Hopes” of ‘Laverne And Shirley’ fame running through your head well, that’s totally not my fault. The show must go on!

– That is all

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