Smile, and you’ll get measurable results! – Blog Post

Smile though your heart is aching/Smile even though it’s breaking…/Light up your face with gladness/Hide every trace of sadness You’ve heard the song. That ever so sad song,  Nat King Cole’s  “Smile” I know this was a dramatic way to begin a blog post, but it serves to illustrate a couple of things. Firstly, that this simple lesson is one that I learned last week at a G+ #VO hangout.  In this hangout we talk shop and do a little well deserved bragging. We also read scripts and have the honor of them being critiqued by other #voiceover professionals. Priceless! The beauty of this ritual is that I learn just as much if not more from a colleagues read than I do my own. The reminder to smile however applied directly to me , and it completely changed my read. Brought life into it. Added warmth and sincerity. So simple and yet I had forgotten to use this simple technique.

Secondly, I applied this technique to some of my recent reads for clients and received very positive results back. In other words the client was very happy, which is very important to me! Just for context…it hadn’t been a great day for me but I smiled anyway, and when the first take didn’t feel right, I tried another and another. Finally I was feeling it. Really feeling it. I could get into the character of the read and hit it right on.

lastly, A smile does for us in life what it did for my script read? A smile does change the human brain’s chemistry after all. Not new news, but again, such a simple thing like  a smile, can show biological measurable results. Even if you fake it, which is even more amazing! I am not one to wonder too long at human biological ins and outs without it turning my brain to mush. What I do know is that simple reminder from a colleague, has reverberated through other areas of my life as well, and for that I am …smiling.

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