Pay It Forward: Crowdsourcing the Underdog – Blog Post

My VERY dear friends, Tracey and Jay Smith, sent me an amazing gift yesterday, An iPhone 4s and an iPad2. Jay is also my editor and producer on some of my voiceover projects. Other than the fact that these gifts will hugely improve the quality of my day to day life, they are also tools that make it possible for me to do voiceover work without interuption in the event of my PC breaking down. Last month, my PC did indeed die, and though I have been assured that nobody could tell outwardly, inside I was going to pieces. I had just moved into a new place and I honestly did not know how I would make it happen if I had to replace my work PC at that time.

As if these generous gifts weren’t more than I might have wished for, my only stipulation for receiving them was that, when I can, and as much as I can, I #PayItForward. When I held the iPhone and iPad in my hands for the first time last night I was overwhelmed with gratitude, and the power of the concept of Pay It Forward really hit home for me.

I have begun honoring that request already by pledging what little I can afford now to this Indie-go-go #URB-E campaign.


The URB-E idea and concept is SO terrific. Aside from its through-the-roof coolness factor, it is also, in my opinion, a product that will make it’s funding goal and then some, as well as hit the market leaving tire track burn marks.

Now my small crowdsourcing pledge won’t push the total raised that much closer to their total funding goal. In truth I intended to kill two birds with one stone. As well as paying it forward, I really wanted to back the underdog. No not the URB-E (@urberides) but Indie-Go-Go. I have always loved Indie-Go-Go because of their grass roots mentality.

They were among the first, if not the first crowdsourcing platform and although Kickstarter has emerged as the king of the mountain in that game, it irks me that one has to raise their TOTAL funding goal on Kickstarter or go home empty-handed.

So today I am paying it forward AND backing the underdog. This is a win-win for me. Have you received a gift or been given a good turn lately and if so did you remember to Pay It Forward?


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