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voicover biz balance is possible
balance is possible

New Voiceover Biz Or old Voice over Biz In The Morning? What should come first?

       – That is a hard question for me to answer because I am the kind of personality who likes to THINK they can do it ALL! But that said, if I had my druthers then old voiceover biz should come first before new business. Again, in a perfect world old biz WOULD wrap up nicely with a big red bow before any new biz came in. This is not the way it works…not if you want, are cultivating or have a thriving  voiceover business. So the more complicated answer would be both. If you can keep your cool those first hectic couple of hours each morning when everyone wants you and try to keep your word when you say you’ll do something or get back to a client, then you’re golden. If you do your very best to be as communicative as possible about what you can and cannot deliver. If you are honest with yourself and your clients about your ability to perform and deliver, then your shortfalls, when they happen, will be forgiven. Trust me, they WILL happen. We are all human. Forgive yourself and  remember you are human as well. As for the rest of business? It’s a balancing act. More about balance another day, when I am feeling more…balanced.

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