Moving My Life And My Voiceover Studio To A New Location

movingI’ve been tearing my hair out this last week because I’m moving my voiceover studio and myself to a new location and the stress of getting my voiceover equip safely transported and set up has been nerve wracking as well as having to keep clients waiting. Lots of small logistics issues with the new place. many technical difficulties to be ironed out. Where do I put this voiceover gadget? Where do I put that? This isn’t working right. That light isn’t supposed to flash like that… I experienced a TON of anxiety! After all this is my bottom line I’m dealing with. No studio, no money. But the anxiety peaks and passes to a dull roar and now that it’s set up and running like a dream, thanks to friend’s and loved one’s help and advice. I’m feeling on top of the world now. This lady can do ANYTHING. I had to delay delivery to my clients and that was worrisome. I don’t like to miss deadlines. That’s not to say that I never do, just that WHEN I do, I stress about it, big time. I realize though that I’m worth waiting for. My product is worth the wait. ┬áSo I came up with a little primer for myself for when this happens again

  • 1. Breathe; Don’t forget I am human.
  • 2. Tell the truth: Clients don’t want all the gory details but they DO want to know what the hold-up is all about.
  • 3. Stay in contact.; Send more than the one uh oh email/call so that clients know they are still your priority.
  • 4. Give the client an extra service or apply it to the next project they hire you for; an incentive to be patient and to come back again for your services.

…And you know what? It works. My friends, family, and clients are AWESOME!

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