You Are Now Entering The Claymation Zone – Blog Post

Last Saturday morning I met with a potential client in person which is typically rare for me. He is making a claymation movie. I am so excited about this! I am a major geek girl and the idea of being a part of his movie project just thrills me to death! I think I will possibly be voicing a couple of characters. one of them, Martha, the antagonist, is a Cruella De Ville type. …Note to self… practice evil laugh.
Whenever I perform a voiceover I am acting. I am taking on a character that is not me, and that is part of my job. I haven’t voiced a lot of fictional characters however so this will be quite a challenge for me.  The meeting was a workout in itself because unlike in typical circumstances where I perform alone in my booth with me, myself and I, this time I had to audition on the fly right then and there in public. I had to perform not just for the voiceover aspect, to convince the client that I had a voice he could use, but also to convince him that I could carry off that aspect of bringing his unique characters to life.
It’s not easy. To put oneself into the space of another’s creation. To be trusted to bring their character(s) to life, to give a voice and to do it well is a gift which doesn’t come easily to me. What was more difficult was the act of auditioning right there on the spot. In a Yum Yum Donuts and in front of everyone there.
I am so glad I did it though. I found I was able to step outside of myself and the discomfort of putting myself out there. Plus getting out of my own way was wonderful fun! My take away from this was a reminder to always try to go into a situation without expectation and judgement. You never know what you are capable of when you don’t waste that time telling yourself what you CAN’T do. If you can relax and just have a conversation then amazing things can happen. Getting out of your own way can reveal things about yourself and skills that you never thought you had. 

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