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Carpe Diem

Sometimes as the day wears on and the little things get to me. The picky client when I got less sleep than I would have liked last night, for instance. Nagging technical difficulties that keep me from auditioning for some Voice Over jobs that I’d kill to sink. I’m hungry but am too busy to step away and eat at the moment, so I’m a little grouchy from that too. I want to connect with someone but don’t know when that will be. So, um yeah…it’s been that kind of day. It’s this moment that it struck me. I tell myself to quit wallowing and whining to yourself and go look at all your great feedback and testimonials. THAT’S what you should be focusing on at this moment. not the negative and the things that tear you down. SO I say so be it.

:Here’s a recent one…

“RadioDiva patiently worked with me to get the exact recording I wanted. I’m really excited about the end product and will definitely use her services again!”

:or this one…

“Once again she nailed it. Continue to use her as often as we can.”

Yeah, I’m gonna be able to CARPE THE SHIT OUT OF THIS DIEM!

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