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I started my voice over blog as a way for me to measure my progress in developing a full-time career as a voice artist. Several years ago I did a weekly podcast on collectibles. At the time, I had an eBay business but after ten years of that, I wanted to sell something that didn’t need to be inventoried. That’s when I started doing voice overs. I’ve been able to lighten my life of  ‘stuff’, and learned a lot by jumping into a the violently changing voice over market. Here I share, somewhat irregularly, tips and tricks I’ve learned from others and discovered on my own.

Smile, and you’ll get measurable results! – Blog Post

Smile though your heart is aching/Smile even though it’s breaking…/Light up your face with gladness/Hide every trace of sadness You’ve heard the song. That ever so sad song,  Nat King Cole’s  “Smile” I know this was a dramatic way to

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Show Must Go On! Ants Or Not – Blog Post

Show Must Go On! Today is a working Sunday and all day I’ve done just that. Scout ants keep crawling on me. It’s creeping me out a bit. I LOVE bugs, Don’t get me wrong, but, in THEIR natural habitat…NOT

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Lesson Learned – Blog Post

I learned a valuable lesson this week. I was recording this rather large project and got the session down quickly and easily. When it came time to edit, I became more and more frustrated. I hated it. As I listened

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My website, I CAN do this Thing! – Blog Post

My Website, I CAN do this Thing! I worked on my website TONS yesterday. It’s bare bones functional and I’ve saved the main home page space for demos. So i guess it’s three quarters functional just now. I have learned

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Audio Beauty – Blog Post

Audio Beauty   I like to open up songs in my audio editing software, play them and look to see what they look like as a sound wave. I’ll zoom in and out, and watch the song unfold and fold

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VO Demo, Way Too Hard On Myself! – Blog Post

VO I am listening to my VO’s, old and new, to make my demo, and am cringing every 5 seconds and thinking to myself… “omg this VO is shite!” *sigh* This makes a couple things real clear to me. 1.

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Carpe Diem – Blog Post

Carpe Diem Sometimes as the day wears on and the little things get to me. The picky client when I got less sleep than I would have liked last night, for instance. Nagging technical difficulties that keep me from auditioning

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